Project Engineer

Project Engineer 1 Position (Contract 1 year)


- Male , 30 Over Years Old.
- Bachelor Degree in Engineering or related Field.
- Experience in EPC Project Management at least 5 Years.
- Able to do contract review
- Able to prepare project cost and budget
- Able to prepare project schedule
- Able to prepare manpower Planning
- Able to prepare equipment Planning
- Able to prepare progress reporting


To assist the project manager for managing the project. Be responsible for overseeing the various stages of development for a project. It is his responsibility to make sure that the various parts are progressing. Project engineers are generally involved at every level of development, from concept to production and everything in between. This often requires them to know about a broad range of subjects, from economics to materials. The variety of tasks and greater level of responsibility require organization, patience and the ability to deal with people well. At times, it can even involve asking people to do you favors. This is to ensure that project will be completed on time within budget and best quality and safety.

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